silent hill sign 2This is my corner of Silent Hill

Whatever lead you here will make you face your own inner demons and once you do you will never be the same! while here why not  take a tour around the “Museum” it has a interesting Collection, featuring  items iv found while being in this town its free entry and all donations are welcome, if you too are interested in things found around silent hill then stopping by the” Trade Shop” will be for you where your see items up for trade and item i’m search of, then if your curiosity gets the better of you and you’d like to know how i got here, and about this part of Silent Hill then by all means have a look at my “journal” as it documents some key facts and a brief history,  then should you so wish to contact me go to the “how to find me” instructions i’m leaving for you above  lets hope you don’t find your self needing them and just fancy a chat, then before you go i highly recommend “Places to Visit” as my corner of Silent Hill isn’t the only one Silent Hill is a big place worth exploring and im not the only inhabitant

i hope you enjoy your stay